The Annual Equipment of Pipeline and Oil &Gas Storage and Transportation Event

The 25thBeijing International Exhibition on Equipment of Pipeline and Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation



March 26-28,2025



◆ Pipeline steel, Pressure vessel, Storage tank, Steel tube
◆Tube machine, Equipment, Machine unit and Accessories
◆ Fiber reinforced plastics, Rubber, PE, PVC, CPVE tubes
◆ Pipe fabrication, Pipelayer, Excavating related pipeline construction equipment
◆ Pipeline inspection, Detecting instrument and equipment, Cleaning equipment and materials
◆ Pipeline welding, Cutting equipment and Welding materials
◆ Offshore pipeline Station equipment and other receiving devices
◆ Compressor, Pipe pump, Valve, Measuring instrument related storage and Station equipment
◆ Anti-corrosion, Heat insulation, Fireproof material related new technology and products
◆ Optical-fiber, Optical cable, Electrical cable, UPS switch cabinet related electrical equipment
◆ Generating unit related power machinery equipment
◆ SCADA system, Safety warning system, GIS, MIS related IT managerial system
◆ Pipeline maintenance and Emergence repair, Pipeline repair related equipment and materials
◆ Receiving devices equipment and other special vehicles in LNG Station
◆ Explosion protection instruments, Fire-fighting warning equipment, HSE related products
◆ Pipeline related service enterprise and design institute
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